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  • Mission

    Green Europe Italiana S.r.l. is a company related to water treatment: it accomplishes analytical surveys, offers global service, consulting assistance about engineering, waste management, disposal and it offers solutions tailored for all necessities.

  • Our Story

    Green Europe Italiana S.r.l. is active since 2013 as associate company of the international group Green Chemicals LTD working in 17 countries among Europe, Middle East and South America. Originally involved in production and application of chemicals for water treatment, today Green Europe Italiana advances solutions from plants, to global service managment, to consulting for any problem related to water. The company gathered a team with decennial expertise in those areas that Green Europe Italiana covers with its activity.

  • Service

    Our services revolve around five areas: consulting and analyses, water reuse, water utilities treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, domestic water treatment. Green Europe Italiana and the associated company Green Europe Service will accomplish jointly those services.

  • Further Assistance

    Particular attention in Green Europe Italiana's activity is devoted to assistance following the purchase. Among the services, it is of great interest the mobile laboratory that allows to accomplish in situ control for those situations that require particular attention, as well as the technical-operative framework that performs ordinary or extra maintenance. Green Europe Italiana together with Green Europe Service will do both this assistance.


Case Studies

Vessel MV 2201 decontamination. An ENI's refinery

Decontamination of a washing vessel with hydrocarbon sludge at the bottom and in presence of H2S2, mercaptans, sulfurs, ammonium.

Treatment of drilling muds

Report and cost analyis for the treatment of CER 01.05.07 waste-drilling mus by Eni's well M.Enoc 10

Optimization of issuance

Efficiency assessment of a chemical treatment of CONA, STOGIT and IREOS waste with on line dosing while disposing the waste from the tanks.

Potabilization of water in Office Buildings

Solution to the issues related to potabilization of the water directed to an Office building of a Plant for special waste collection and treatment

Revamping and running of a plant for wastewater treatment

Revamping and management of a wastewater treatment system in a pharmaceutical plant due to a fall in its depurative performance


RO systems and components

Control units, Solenoid valves, Manometers, Junctions, Flowmeter, Rotary pump, Membranes, Fiberglass vessels

Water treatment products

Ion exchange resins, Filter media, Chemicals: Flocculants, Coagulants, Solution for pH control, Antifoaming chemicals, Antiscaling chemicals, Microbiocides, Chemicals for odour control, Chemicals for membrane cleaning

Filtrating systems and components

Microfiltration - Vessels - Filters - Nanofiltration - Vessels - Filters - Ultrafiltration - Vessel - Membranes - Regenerating solutions - MBR

Pumps, instruments, replacements and fitting

Dosing pumps - Suction pumps - Centrifugal pumps - Tanks - Agitators - Pulse counters - Dosing systems - Probes

Filter cartridges, self-cleaning filter and vessels

Water softening systems and components




Green Europe Italiana offers plants and turbines. Click on the selection below to know more or contact us.

Gas turbine Power plant – cod. PP 07-15

Gas turbine generator 1,2 MWe – cod. GT 01-15

GRP Pipe Plant – cod. VTR 01-14

Diesel generator – cod. OCG 01-14

Power Plant – capacity 50MWe

Power Plant for Sale



Francesco Bottura

Francesco Bottura

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Giovanna Scerrato

Administrative director
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Vito Pacifico

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Maurizio Bresciani

Maurizio Bresciani

Technical Sales
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Silvia Scardina

Silvia Scardina

Responsible for the website
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Ivan Caraviello

Ivan Caraviello

Technician for industrial plants

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